Experience the Majesty of Kushalnagar

At the heart of the captivating region of Kodagu, the Coorg Maharaja Resorts stands as a testament to unmatched comfort, luxury, and hospitality. The resort is ideally located in the vibrant Kushalnagar area, offering guests the ease of exploration and a tranquil retreat.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of indulgence with on-site amenities including relaxing spa massages, a restaurant serving various local dishes, and relaxing pool areas for your relaxation. The rooms are sanctuaries of comfort while being affordable, featuring air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms to provide you with a satisfying stay.

A stone's throw away from prominent attractions, more India hotels, and dining venues, every day at the resort promises new adventures. Whether it is a walk to the 1854 Coffee Collective, a quick drive to an array of restaurants, or a visit to the renowned Raintree Restaurant, there is something for everyone.

The heartwarming welcome from the friendly staff and its quality room service are designed to cater to every guest's need— ensuring a stay that gets your money's worth.

Experience the satisfying blend of history, comfort, and modern amenities at

Coorg Maharaja Resorts.